What Does Beta Mean?

The Beta Tag

When we mark a feature as beta, you'll see this tag next to the name of the feature:


But, What Does Beta Mean?

When we refer to a beta feature, we're referring to a feature that is generally being offered in a sort of test mode. Here are the criteria that determine a feature as beta:

  • features with a beta label may have some bugs and quirks from time to time
  • features with a beta label may be available to FREE or PRO members, or both
  • features with a beta label can break normal functionality if used, but we do everything we can to keep that from happening
  • features with a beta label may be removed at any time, based on popularity or development limitations

What If a Beta Feature Goes Away?

We can't make any promises that a beta feature will remain in the site, as it is generally there to test viability or popularity. If only a small portion of users find the feature to be helpful and a large amount of development time is required to build the feature further, it may remain beta forever or it may be removed. We want to make sure that we focus our efforts on features that the majority of our users will benefit from.

In the event that removal of a beta feature affects your content, we will provide adequate notice.