FlipQuiz is Shutting Down.

For financial reasons, it has unfortunately become impossible to continue supporting FlipQuiz and the FlipQuiz community. Thank you for your support the last 5 years! God bless you all.

FlipQuiz will officially shut down at the end of August (August 31, 2019). For recommendations on other classroom tools, check out this article from @TeacherToolkit.

PRO MEMBERS: Your subscription will automatically be cancelled between now and August 31st. If you signed up for PRO yearly after March 1, 2019, your payment will be refunded automatically between now and August 31st.

Create a New Quiz Board

This article assumes you have already registered and logged in.

A Few Ways to Get Started

From anywhere on the site, you can choose the “New Board” button in the top navigation bar. From your dashboard, you can also select “Create a Quiz Board”.

new board button in navigation new board button on dashboard
Options to create a new board in navigation dropdown and on dashboard.

Bonus: If you’re already logged in right now, you can also click this link → Create a New Board

Give the Board a Title

add board title (required)

The very first thing you’ll notice is a large form field asking you for a title (required). This will serve as the main identifier for your quiz board. It will be displayed on your dashboard, in search results, and at the top of your presentation and flash card views. It will also be taken into consideration for the page’s URL.

Set Up Your Categories

add board categories

You may add up to 6 categories on your quiz board. It is not necessary to use them all if you do not need to. Any unused category titles will simply be omitted from the game board. (Note that choosing not to give a category a title will not hide the entire category’s questions/answers, just the title.) To switch between the categories, simply click on the tabs across the top of the category title area and fill in the category form field.

Ask Questions, Provide Answers


At this point, you are ready to write some questions and answers. For each category, you may include up to 5 questions. As with the categories, any question boxes you leave blank will simply be omitted from the final game board, allowing you to potentially have just 3 categories with 4 questions each (or any other combination of 1-6 categories and 1-5 questions).

See Formatting Content for help styling content. See Adding Images for help including images with questions and answers.

Answers (Optional)

You may also choose to include answers to these questions, depending on the intent of your game board. If you want to review in class, you will probably want to include answers. If you want to assign the board as a homework assignment, you may not.

If you choose to include an answer alongside a question, a “Reveal Answer” button will be available inside the game board that will allow you to do just that, show the answer.

Board Notes (Optional)

If you need to add any board source references, reminders, or other notes, this is the place to do so. These will be shown on the overview page, but not in the gameplay mode.

Categorize Your Board

categorize your board

To make your boards easier to spot within your dashboard, you can categorize them. This can be utilized in many ways, for example as a way of separating boards for class periods, separate subjects, or organize boards based on whether they have answers or not. The possibilities are endless.

You can include as many categories as you would like for each board. These should be comma-separated to be recognized as individual categories.

Upload a Recognizable Thumbnail

upload a board cover photo

To further recognize your boards at-a-glance, you can upload a thumbnail image that will be displayed on your profile page and in search results. This image can be any JPG, PNG, or GIF image that is smaller than the allotted file size.

To upload an image, simply drag it to the box from your computer’s file system or click on browse to find an image on your computer.

Save, Save, Save!

save button

This might be the most important step! To complete the process of creating your board, you will need to click “Save” at the bottom. Without this, you will lose any unsaved information. (You will be alerted if you try to move away prematurely, but this isn’t guaranteed to prevent all content loss.)

Save your board and you will be good to go!